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Activating Audio Transcripts™

How do I use the AudioTranscripts™ feature?

Written by Shilpa aggarwal
Updated over a week ago

How to Use AudioTranscripts™ and Conversation Tags in memoriaCall

Are you tired of trying to remember everything that was discussed in your meetings? Do you struggle to find important information from past calls? Look no further than memoriaCall's AudioTranscripts™ and conversation tags feature. With these tools, you can have more productive meetings and easily reference important information later.

Activating AudioTranscripts™

In memoriaCall, it is easy for the host to activate text and audio transcripts. Simply click on the feather icon during your call, and the transcripts will automatically begin. This feature is especially helpful for those who may have difficulty hearing or understanding certain accents. With the transcripts, you can easily follow along and make sure you don't miss any important information.

To begin an 'Audio' recording, please select the option labeled "Start Audio Record/Transcribe". For a 'Video' recording, please choose "Start Video Record/Transcribe".

Adding Conversation Tags

During your call, you can also add conversation tags for easy reference later. These tags act as bookmarks for important points in the conversation. To add a tag, simply click on the pin icon while recording. You can add as many tags as you need throughout the call. This feature is especially useful for those who need to find specific information from past calls quickly.

Using Transcribe and Tag features on mobile devices (iOS)

You can also use these tools efficiently on your mobile device. During a meeting, to use the Transcribe feature, you need to look for four options on the right side of your mobile screen. Choose the Transcribe option (feather icon) and select the suitable option from Audio or Video Recording Transcribe according to your need. The video recording feature automatically transcribes the audio along with it.

You can use the Tags feature once you start the recording/transcribe. The tag option will be available now; you can use this to add important bookmarks to the speech. The Tag icon will appear automatically once the recording starts; you can tag on the (Pin symbol) icon and write important things from the meeting for later use.

Want to see AudioTranscripts™ and conversation tags in action? Check out our tutorial video here. In this video, we walk you through how to use these features and provide tips for maximizing their effectiveness.

With memoriaCall's AudioTranscripts™ and conversation tags, you can have more productive meetings and easily reference important information later. Give them a try and see the difference they can make in your calls.

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