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One-click audio calls with SpeedCall™.
One-click audio calls with SpeedCall™.

What is SpeedCall™?

Written by Shilpa aggarwal
Updated over a week ago

SpeedCall™ enables you to instantly place an audio call to up to one hundred participants! They just need to have a memoriaCall account. Only active users (showing available) can take the call. The participant should be logged with available status in to the app to make the speed call.

SpeedCall™ works when the user you are trying to call is currently logged in to memoriaCall. If they are not displayed on the SpeedCall™ search, they are not actively logged in to memoriaCall, and you will not be able to SpeedCall™ them.

You can search the participant by their name/email address on the SpeedCall search bar. Once you fill in the Name/Email or search for a group, it will show available on the screen, and you can simply tap on 'Call' to place a SpeedCall if they are available.

To make a speedCall on a Mobile device (iOS), you can simply open memoriaCall on the app/chrome.

  • You will see a (+) icon in the lower middle of the screen. Simply tap on it.

  • After tapping on this icon, a few options list will pop up on your screen. Choose SpeedCall and apply the same method of filling in the participant's name on the search bar to call.

You will also find options for adding individual Participants or placing Group SpeedCall for existing groups.

Using the SpeedCall feature is a super simple way to connect with the team instantly. Hope you find this peace of information useful to use MemoriaCall features. We're happy to help you!!

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